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HBiC/HLIC staged four open conferences – Volume 1 (Toronto, November 2000), the Prairie Print Culture Colloquium (Regina, March 2001), Volume II (Montreal, May 2001), and Volume III (Vancouver, November 2001). Programmes and abstracts for each conference are posted on this site. In addition, a number of conference speakers responded to our invitation and agreed to publish their papers here. Copyright for these papers is retained by their authors and inquiries should be directed to the authors, whose e-mail addresses are provided with the papers.

As well as the four open conferences mentioned above, a Founding Conference for the History of the Book in Canada was held at the National Library of Canada in 1997. Background papers on regional book history and print culture in Canada were prepared in advance of the conference by teams of scholars from across the country. These papers are posted here along with a paper presented by one of the speakers.