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Volume 1 (Beginnings to 1840)

Final version

Editors: Patricia Lockhart Fleming, Gilles Gallichan, and Yvan Lamonde

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
General Editors’ Preface
History of the Book in Canada/Histoire du livre et de l’imprimé au Canada
Editors’ Introduction

PART I: Print and a New World

Chapter 1: First Contact of Native Peoples with Print Culture
Native Oral and Inscribed Discourse    Cornelius J. Jaenen
Conversion through the Printed Image    François-Marc Gagnon

Chapter 2: Explorers, Travellers, Traders, and Missionaries
French and European Writings about the New World      Réal Ouellet
    Case study: Marc Lescarbot’s Les muses de la Nouvelle-France      Christian Blais
English Writings about the New World    I.S. MacLaren
    Case study: Thomas James’s Strange and Dangerous Voyage (1633)      I.S. MacLaren

PART II: Printing in British North America

Chapter 4: Mapping Innovation
First Printers and the Spread of the Press      Patricia Lockhart Fleming
    Case study: James Robertson      Warren McDougall
The Business of Printing and Publishing      John Hare and Jean-Pierre Wallot
Subscription Publishing      Mary Lu MacDonald
Working in the Trades      Claude Galarneau and Gilles Gallichan
    Case study: Working in a Newspaper Office: The Upper Canada Herald in 1829-33      Elizabeth Hulse
A Statistical Analysis of Early Canadian Imprints      Sandra Alston and Jessica Bowslaugh

Chapter 5: The Material Book
Adapting to Change      Patricia Lockhart Fleming
    Case study: William Brown’s Wage Book, 1775-90      Patricia Lockhart Fleming
    Case study: “From patriotic motives”: Upper Canada’s First Paper Mill      Judy Donnelly
Illustrations for Books and Periodicals      Joan Winearls
Bookbinding      Patricia Lockhart Fleming

Chapter 6: Commercial Networks
Importation and Book Availability      Fiona A. Black
The Book Trade and Bookstores      Yvan Lamonde and Andrea Rotundo

Chapter 7: Social Networks and Libraries
Christian Faith in Print      Janet B. Friskney
Community Libraries      Karen Smith
Parliamentary and Professional Libraries      Gilles Gallichan
The Library as an Institution      Eric L. Swanick

PART IV: Readers and Collectors

Chapter 8: The Uses of Literacy
The Spread of Literacy      Michel Verrette
Readers and Society      Heather Murray
    Case study: The Diary of Jane Ellice, Reader      Patricia Lockhart Fleming
Print in the Backwoods      Bertrum H. MacDonald
The Uses of Literacy in the Northwest      Laura J. Murray

Chapter 9: The Pleasures of Books
Picturing Readers      Patricia Lockhart Fleming
Personal Libraries and Bibliophilia      Marcel Lajeunesse
Ex libris in New France, Quebec, and Lower Canada      Frédéric Roussel Beaulieu
The Library of Richard John Uniacke      John Macleod
Robert Addison’s Library      Richard Landon

PART V: The Uses of Print

Chapter 10: Print in Daily Life
Public Print      Patricia Lockhart Fleming
    Case study: An Election in the Press: Lower Canada, 1792      John Hare
    Case study: Printing an Election: Upper Canada, 1836      Patricia Lockhart Fleming
Printing for Public and Private Business      Patricia Kennedy
    Case study: Scrip: Printing Eighteenth-Century Currency      Patricia Kennedy
The Spread of Newspapers in British North America      Travis DeCook
The Newspaper Press in Quebec and Lower Canada      Gérard Laurence
Attacks on Newspaper Printers and Their Shops      Sarah Brouillette
Magazines in English      Thomas Brewer Vincent, Sandra Alston, and Eli MacLaren
    Case study: Michel Bibaud’s Encyclopedic Reviews      Nova Doyon

Chapter 11: Popular Books
Print for Young Readers      Leslie McGrath
Books of Instruction in New France, Quebec, and Lower Canada      Paul Aubin
Books of Instruction in Upper Canada and the Atlantic Colonies      Sarah Brouillette
Religious Books      Raymond Brodeur
Music      Nancy F. Vogan
    Case study: Music and La Minerve      Maria Calderisi
Almanacs      Anne Dondertman and Judy Donnelly
Recipe and Household Literature      Mary F. Williamson

Chapter 12: Print for Communities
‘And not hearers only’: Books in Native Languages      Joyce Banks
Printing for New Communities in German and Gaelic      Juris Dilevko
Translation      Jean Delisle
Science and Technology      Bertrum H. MacDonald
Medical and Legal Print Materials      Christine Veilleux
    Case study: Facies cholerica: The Record of Cholera in Print      Eli MacLaren

PART VI: Print and Authority

Chapter 13: Publication and Power
Official Publications      Gilles Gallichan
Political Censorship      Gilles Gallichan
    Case study: Joseph Howe and Freedom of the Press      George L. Parker
Religious Censorship      Pierre Hébert

PART VII: Authorship and Literary Cultures

Chapter 14: Authors and Publishers
Courting Local and International Markets      George L. Parker
    Case study: Thomas Chandler Haliburton’s The Clockmaker      Ruth Panofsky
Women and Print Culture      Carole Gerson

Chapter 15: Literary Cultures
Books and Reading in Newfoundland and in Labrador      William Barker
Literary Cultures in the Maritime Provinces      Gwendolyn Davies
Quebec Literature and Printed Materials: From Birth to Rebirth      Bernard Andrès
English Literary Culture in Lower Canada      Carole Gerson
Literary Cultures and Popular Reading in Upper Canada      Michael Peterman

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