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Volume II (1840 to 1918)

Final version

Editors: Yvan Lamonde, Patricia Lockhart Fleming, and Fiona A Black

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
General Editors’ Preface
History of the Book in Canada/Histoire du livre et de l’imprimé au Canada
Editors’ Introduction

PART ONE: Publishing a Country

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Publishing in Canada George L. Parker

Chapter 2: Communities of Print
Aboriginal Communities     Cornelius J. Jaenen
Print and Black Canadian Culture     Dorothy W. Williams
Print Culture, Ethnicity, and Identity     Paul Hjartarson
Minority Francophone Communities     Maurice Basque and Amélie Giroux
    Case study: Evangeline: a Tale of Acadie     Deborah Robichaud
Print and the Settlement of the West     Merrill Distad

PART TWO: Printing and Material Form

Chapter 3: Trades, Labour, and Design
Printers: From Shop to Industry     c9ric Leroux
    Case study: The Desbarats Dynasty in Quebec and Ontario     Claude Galarneau
Printing Technology     Bryan Dewalt
The Binding Trades     Patricia Lockhart Fleming
Book Cover Design     Judy Donnelly
Canadian Book Arts and Trades at International Exhibitions     Gwendolyn Davies
Posters and Handbills     Michel Brisebois

PART THREE: Authorship: The Emergence of a Profession

Chapter 4: Authors and Literary Culture

Literary Authorship     Micheline Cambron and Carole Gerson
    Case study: Lost from View: James McCarroll, Journalist, Poet, and Satirist     Michael Peterman
Icelandic Authorship in Canada     Paul Hjartarson
Publishing Abroad     Gwendolyn Davies
    Case study: Lesbia in Montreal: Publishing Hoaxes and Erotic Novels     Marc André Bernier
English-Canadian Publishers and the Struggle for Copyright     George L. Parker
    Case study: Tante berceuse: Copyright in Quebec (1903-6)     Yvan Lamonde

Chapter 5: Authors and Learned Cultures
Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences     Elizabeth Hulse, Yvan Lamonde, and Daniel O'Leary
François-Xavier Garneau, Historian and 'Publisher'     Jean-Marie Lebel
Creating the Future: Canada and Its Provinces     Ian E. Wilson
Science, Technology, and Medicine: Constructing Authorship     Bertrum H. MacDonald and Jennifer J. Connor
To Govern, Inform, and Persuade: Government as Author     Bertrum H. MacDonald

PART FOUR: Distribution Networks

Chapter 6: Marketing and Selling Books
Supplying the Retail Trade     Fiona A. Black
    Case study: The Toronto News Company     Elizabeth Hulse
Bookselling in Town and Country     Greta Golick
    Case study: At the Sign of the Book: Dicks and Company of St John’     Bert Riggs
Marketing Strategies of Booksellers and Publishers     Yvan Lamonde and Andrea Rotundo
    Case study: Tobias Schantz, Subscription Book Agent     Teresa Nickels-Prilesnik
    Case study: Books by Mail: The Stock of Eaton’ Catalogues     Greta Golick

PART FIVE: The Evolution of Libraries

Chapter 7: Personal Libraries and Collectors
Entering Personal Libraries     Yvan Lamonde and Andrea Rotundo
Book Collectors     Eric L. Swanick

Chapter 8: Libraries and Their Publics
Public Libraries and the Emergence of a Public Culture     Yvan Lamonde, Peter F. McNally, and Andrea Rotundo
    Case study: The Canadian Free library for the Blind     Janet B. Friskney
Libraries for Government     Ross Gordon
Scientific and Technical Libraries     Bertrum H. MacDonald
Academic Libraries     Peter F. McNally
Education for Library Staff     Peter F. McNally

PART SIX: Print in Daily Life

Chapter 9: Serials
Newspapers and Magazines     Merrill Distad
The Newspaper in Quebec: Partisan to Commercial     Gilles Gallichan
Shifting Boundaries: Newspapers and the Confederation Debate     Alexander J. Willis
The Illustrated Satiric Press     Dominic Hardy
Yiddish Dailies     Eugene Orenstein
Popular Magazines in French     Denis Saint-Jacques
    Case study: The Western Edition of the Farmer’ Advocate and Home Magazine     Robert Cole

Chapter 10: Politics and Print
Governments as Printers     Bertrum H. MacDonald
The Publishing of School Books in English     Penney Clark
School-Book Publishing in Quebec     Paul Aubin
Resistance, Rebellion, and Print in the Northwest     Eli MacLaren
Print and the Promotion of Women’ Suffrage     Veronica Strong-Boag
The First World War and Print     Jeff Keshen

Chapter 11: Religious Print
Books and Periodicals for an Expanding Community     Stuart Clarkson and Daniel O'Leary
Religious Print for Readers in Quebec     Louis Rousseau
    Case study: Le clerg\'e9 canadien: The Ariadne’ Thread of Church Censorship     Pierre Hébert
Spreading the Word: Religious Print for Mass Distribution     Janet B. Friskney
Reading and Publishing in Mennonite Communities     Hildi Froese Tiessen
Case study: Abraham de Sola, a Jewish Publisher in Victorian Montreal     Richard Menkis

Chapter 12: Popular Print
Almanacs Judy Donnelly and     Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink
Illustrated Books, Periodicals, and Commercial Print     Mary F. Williamson
Photographic Prints as Book Illustrations     Joan M. Schwartz
Popular and Best-Selling Fiction     Clarence Karr
Print for Young Readers     Leslie McGrath
Cookbooks     Elizabeth Driver
    Case study: Business by the Book: The Mail-Order Catalogue     John Willis

Chapter 13: Print for Work and Leisure
Legal Publishing in Quebec     Sylvio Normand
Publishing the Law in English Canada     Balfour Halévy
Medicine and Health     Jennifer J. Connor
Science and Technology     Bertrum H. MacDonald
The Mounted Police in Print     Yvan Lamonde
Arctic Shipboard Printing during the Franklin Search, 1850-4     Elaine Hoag
Music Publishing     Nancy F. Vogan
    Case study: Illustrated Sheet Music before Confederation     Maria Calderisi
Guidebooks Michel Brisebois    
Sports in Print Bruce Kidd    

PART SEVEN: Readers and Reading

Chapter 14: Reading Practices
Literacy and Print Culture    Michel Verrette and Yvan Lamonde
Reading Practices in Quebec     Yvan Lamonde and Sophie Montreuil
Case study: Joséphine Marchand-Dandurand: Readings in the Feminine Sophie Montreuil
The Representation of Reading     Yvan Lamonde

Chapter 15: Communities of Readers
Literary Societies Heather Murray    
    Case study: Margaret McMicking and the Victoria Literary Society     Denel Rehberg Sedo
'To put the talk upon paper': Aboriginal Communities     Brendan Frederick R. Edwards
Reading North of Sixty     Peter J. Mitham

Appendix A: A Quantitative Analysis of Printed Materials in Quebec     Yvan Lamonde and Sophie Montreuil

Appendix B: Printing and the Development of the Prairies: Selected Analyses from Peel’ Bibliography of the Canadian Prairies to 1953     Fiona A. Black

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