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Volume III (1918-1980)

Final version

Editors: Carole Gerson and Jacques Michon

List of Illustrations
General Editors’ Preface
History of the Book in Canada / Histoire du livre et de l'imprimé au Canada
Editors' Introduction

PART ONE: The Cultural Influence of Books and Print in Canadian Society

Chapter 1: The Book and The Nation
Imprinting the Nation in Words     A.B. McKillop
Government Policy and Allophone Cultures     Paul Hjartarson
Intersections between Native Oral Traditions and Print Culture     Blanca Schorcht
The State and The Book     Paul Litt
Book Policy in Quebec     Josée Vincent
Translating the Two Solitudes     Jean Delisle and Gilles Gallichan
Canadianization of the Curriculum     Lucie Robert, Christl Verduyn, and Janet B. Friskney
Case study: Canadian Content in Primary Textbooks in Quebec     Jacques Michon
Cohering through Books     Jennifer J. Connor
Picturing Canada     Jo Nordley Beglo

Chapter 2: Symbolic Value of Books
Books and Reading in Canadian Art     Carole Gerson and Yvan Lamonde
The Image of the Book in Advertising     Russell Johnston, Lyndsey Nowakowski-Dailey, Michelle Preston, and Jaime Sweeting
Prize Books in Quebec     François Landry
Marshall McLuhan and the History of the Book     Richard Cavell

PART TWO: Authorship

Chapter 3: Authors' Careers
Social and Cultural Profile of Writers     Carole Gerson and Marie-Pier Luneau
Allophone Authorship     Catherine Owen
Economics and the Writer     Frank Davey
Case study: Collecting Canadian Manuscripts at the University of Calgary     Apollonia Steele
Case Study: The Canada Council for the Arts Writer-in-Residence Program     Nancy Earle
Celebrating Authorship: Prizes and Distinctions     Marie-Pier Luneau and Ruth Panofsky
Writers' Networks and Associations     Peggy Lynn Kelly and José Vincent
Case study: The CAA and Propaganda during the Second World War     Peter Buitenhuis

Chapter 4: The Author and The Market
Writers and the Market for Fiction and Literature     Janet B. Friskney and Carole Gerson
Writers and the Market for Non-Fiction     Clarence Kerr
Sports Writing     Michael A. Peterman
Children’ Authors and Their Markets     Françoise Lepage, Judith Saltman, and Gail Edwards
Case study: Leslie McFarlane and the Case of Pseudonymous Children’ Authorship     Janet B. Friskney
CBC Radio and Anglophone Authors     Sheila Latham
Adaptations for Film and Television     Peter Dickinson

PART THREE: Publishing for a Wide Readership

Chapter 5: Trade and Regional Book Publishing in English
The Agency System and Branch-Plant Publishing     George L. Parker
Trade and Regional Publishing in Central Canada     George L. Parker
Atlantic Canada     Sandrine Ferré-Rode
Prairie Publishing     Fiona A. Black
Case study: 'Harlequin Has Built an Empire'     Archana Rampure
British Columbia and the North     Peter J. Mitham
Organization and Training among Book Publishers     Nancy Earle and Janet B. Friskney
Case study: From Tea Room to Top Floor: The Book Publishers' Professional Association     Nancy Earle

Chapter 6: Publishing Books in French
Book Publishing in Quebec     Jacques Michon
Case study: Les insolences du frère Untel / The Impertinences of Brother Anonymous     Jacques Michon
Ontario     Robert Yergeau
Acadia     Dominique Marquis
The West     Dominique Marquis
Francophone Organizations in the Book Trade     Josée Vincent

Chapter 7: Publishing for Children and Students
Publishing for Children     Suzanne Pouliot, Judith Saltman, and Gail Edwards
The Rise and Fall of Textbook Publishing in English Canada     Penney Clark
Case study: Coles Notes     Ian Brockie
Case study: McClelland and Stewart and the Quality Paperback     Janet B. Friskney
Textbook Publishing in Quebec     Paul Aubin
Case study: French-Canadian Classics from Fides     Jacques Michon

Chapter 8: The Serial Press
Major Trends in Canada’ Print Mass Media     Mary Vipond
Women’ Magazines     Marie-Josée des Rivières, Carole Gerson, and Denis Saint-Jacques
Case study: Almanacs in French Canada     Frédéric Brisson
Case study: Serial Pulp Fiction in Quebec     Jacques Michon
Case study: Canadian Pulp Magazines and Second World War Regulations     Carolyn Strange and Tina Loo

PART FOUR: Publishing for Distinct Readerships

Chapter 9: Government and Corporate Publishing
Government as Author and Publisher     Gilles Gallichan and Bertrum H. MacDonald
Case study: The Federal Government’ Advice to Mothers     Katherine Arnup
The Publishing Activities of CBC / Radio Canada     Dominique Marquis
CPR in Print     Iain Stevenson

Chapter 10: Organized Religion and Print
The Religious Press in Quebec     Dominique Marquis
Case study: The Magazine Relations     Simone Vannucci
Catholic Publication and Distribution of Books in French     Yvan Cloutier
Case study: A Catholic Best-Seller: The Journal of Gérard Raymond     Simone Vannucci
Print and Organized Religion in English Canada     Brian Hogan
Publishing for Young Christians     Daniel O'Leary

Chapter 11: Publishing and Communities
Publishing and Aboriginal Communities     Cheryl Suzack
Allophone Publishing     Catherine Owen
Jewish Print Culture     Rebecca Margolis
Case study: The Free Lance     Dorothy W. Williams
Small Press Publishing     David McKnight
Publishing by Women     Carole Gerson
Publishing against the Grain     Donald W. McLeod

Chapter 12: Scholarly and Professional Publishing
Scholarly and Reference Publishing     Francess G. Halpenny
Case study: R.E. Watters' Check List of Canadian Literature     Sandra Alston
Scientific Periodicals     Bertrum H. MacDonald
Legal Publishing     Stuart Clarkson and Sylvio Normand
Medical Publishing     Jennifer J. Connor

PART FIVE: Production

Chapter 13: Printing and Design
The Canadian Printing Industry     Éric Leroux
Case study: Thérien Frères     Éric Leroux
Case study: From Humble Beginnings: Friesens Corporation     Linda Bedwell
Working in the Printing Trades      Christina Burr and Éric Leroux
Case study: Learning the Trade: The École des arts graphiques de Montrél     Éric Leroux
The Graphic Arts in Quebec     Guy de Grosbois
Case study: The Livre d'artiste in Quebec     Claudette Hould
The Private Press     Richard Landon
Case study: The Alcuin Society     Jim Rainer
Book Design in English Canada     Randall Speller
Case study: Cartier: Canada’ First Typeface     Rod McDonald

PART SIX: Distribution

Chapter 14: Systems of Distribution
International Sources of Supply     Frédéric Brisson
The World of Bookselling     Frédéric Brisson
Case study: The Book Room     Gwendolyn Davies
Case study: Librairie Tranquille     Frédéric Brisson
Control and Content in Mass Market Distribution     Sarah Brouillette and Jacques Michon
Book Clubs     Arancha Rampure and Jacques Michon
Booksellers' Organizations     George L. Parker and Pascale Ryan

PART SEVEN: Reaching Readers

Chapter 15: Libraries
Government Libraries     Ross Gordon
The Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information     Bertrum H. MacDonald
National Library of Canada     Paul McCormick
Bibliothèque nationale de Québec     Marcel Lajeunesse
The Rise of the Public Library in English Canada     Lorne Bruce and Elizabeth Hanson
The Public Library in Quebec     Marcel Lajeunesse
Academic Libraries     Marcel Lajeunesse and Peter F. McNally
Special Libraries     Elaine Boone
The Profession of Librarianship     Martin Dowding

Chapter 16: Reading Habits
Measuring Literacy     Michel Verrette
Surveying the Habit of Reading     Heather Murray and Andrea Rotundo
Best-Sellers     Klay Dyer, Denis Saint-Jacques, and Claude Martin
Fan Mail from Readers     Clarence Karr
Autobiographies of Reading: L.M. Montgomery and Marcel Lavallé     Clarence Karr

Chapter 17: Controlling and Advising Readers
Government Censorship of Print     Pearce Carefoote
Religious Censorship in English Canada     Daniel O'Leary
From Censoring Print to Advising Readers in Quebec     Pierre Hébert
'Read Canadian'     W.H. New
Encouraging Children to Read     Lorna Knight

Chapter 18: Special Communities of Readers
Reaching Out to Isolated Readers     Lorna Knight
Case study: Libraries on the Move     Eric Bungay
Case study; Women’ Institute Libraries     Jean Cogswell
Case study: Wheat Pool Libraries     Elise Moore
Reading on the 'Rez'     Brendan Frederick R. Edwards
Reading in Alternative Formats     Janet B. Friskney
Reading and Study Clubs     Denel Rehbert Sedo
Case study: Société d'étude et de conférences     Fanie St-Laurent

Coda     Carole Gerson and Jacques Michon

Sources Cited