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Open Conference for Volume I
Beginnings to 1840
Speakers & Papers

Alston, Sandra (University of Toronto)
Magazine Publishing in Upper Canada to 1841 [Abstract]

Andrès, Bernard(UQAM)
Les lettres québécoises et l’imprimé: d’une émergence à l’autre [Abstract]

Black, Fiona
(University of Regina)
Contributions to the Print Culture of Georgian Canada: The Role of the Scots [Abstract]

Davies, Gwen
(University of New Brunswick)
‘The Tory Dog Thou Shalt Not Kill’: Loyalist Print Culture: A Maritime Case Study [Abstract]

Fleming, Patricia University of Toronto)
Yvan Lamonde (Université McGill)
The Book as Evidence and Evidence of the Book [Abstract]

Kennedy, Patricia (National Archives of Canada)
The Many Shades of Grey - Or, Some Thoughts on Circumstances When Printing does not Equal Publishing, or Publishing not Equal Printing [Abstract]

Lamonde, Yvan (Université McGill)
Patricia Fleming (University of Toronto)
The Book as Evidence and Evidence of the Book [Abstract]

Landry, Kenneth (Université Laval)
Quand un journal devient un livre: le magazine et le recueil littéraire au Québec [Abstract] [Paper]

Laurence, William (Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia)
“Never been a very promising speculation”: Requests for Financial Assistance from Writers of Non-fiction Books to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, 1800-1850 [Abstract]

MacDonald, Mary Lu (Halifax)
The North American Context of Canadian Print Culture [Abstract]

MacLeod, John (Public Archives of Nova Scotia)
The Library of R.J. Uniacke [Abstract]

Melançon, François (Québec)
Prospection historique en Neufve France : Le livre au cours des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles canadiens [Abstract]

Murray, Laura (Queen’s University)
Reading and Writing in the Fur Trade [Abstract]

Normand, Sylvio (Université Laval)
L’imprimé dans la pratique quotidienne du droit [Abstract] [Paper]

Ouellet, Réal (Université Laval)
Fabrication et description matérielle du livre aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles [Abstract]

Parker, George (Kingston)
Print Culture in Prince Edward Island [Abstract]

Peterman, Michael (Trent University)
The Dissemination of Susanna Moodie’s Poems in the Canadas during the 1830s; or, How the Rebellion Made Her Name [Abstract]

Robert, Mario (Ville de Montréal, Division de la gestion de documents et des archives)
Présence du livre dans la noblesse canadienne [Abstract]

Smith, Karen (Dalhousie University)
Early Halifax Libraries [Abstract]

Stabile, Julie(University of Toronto)
Early Newspapers: Instruments in the Spread of Print Culture: A Case Study of Toronto Newspapers, 1800-1845 [Abstract] [Paper]

Vogan, Nancy (Mount Allison University)
Music in the Lives of Canadians: The Role of Tunebooks in Canada Prior to 1840 [Abstract]