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Open Conference for Volume II
Speakers & Papers

Jennifer J. Connor (University of the Sciences in Philadelphia)
The Nature of Medical Authorship in Canada [Abstract]

Gwendolyn Davies (University of New Brunswick)
Canadians First and Foremost in the Late Victorian British Literary Market: Saunders et al [Abstract]

Marie-José des Rivières, Chantal Savoie and Denis Saint-Jacques (CRÈLIQ, Université Laval)
La naissance du magazine féminin au Québec [Abstract]

Anne Dondertman (University of Toronto) and Judy Donnelly (HLIC/HBiC)
“Useful for the time and the place”: English-Language Canadian Almanacs (1840-1900) [Abstract]

Elizabeth Driver (Independent scholar)
Cookbooks and Community-Building: How The Home Cook Book Launched a New Type of Culinary Publication in Canada [Abstract]

Gail Edwards (University of British Columbia)
“The printing-press is now a precious auxiliary to our work”: Missionary Presses and Publications in Nineteenth-Century British Columbia [Abstract]

Jonathan Franklin (National Gallery of Canada Library)
Nineteenth-Century Canadian Art Exhibition and Auction Catalogues [Abstract] [Paper]

Greta Golick (Toronto Public Library)
Canadian Wild Flowers: A Book for the Parlour, Made in Canada [Abstract]

Sandra Hannaford (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
“.swept into the higher strata”: The Heart’s Content Literary Society [Abstract]

Paul Hjartarson (University of Alberta)
“Now then, all together”: Assimilation, the Book, and the Education of New Canadians (1896-1918) [Abstract] [Paper]

Èric Leroux (HLIC/HBiC; Université McGill)
Les conditions de travail des typographes au Québec au XIXe siècle : quelques pistes de recherche [Abstract]

Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink (Universität Saarbrücken, Allemagne/Germany)
Les almanachs canadiens-français, 1840-1918 : éditeurs, structures, relations interculturelles [Abstract]

Bertrum H. MacDonald (HLIC/HBiC; Dalhousie University)
Science and Technology in the Print Culture of Nineteenth-Century Canada: A Significant Dimension [Abstract]

Leslie McGrath (Toronto Public Library and University of Toronto)
Young Dreamer Arise: English Children’s Books in Canada, 1840-1918 [Abstract]

Peter F. McNally (McGill University)
From Social Library to Public Library: The Canadian Experience, 1840-1918 [Abstract]

Sophie Montreuil (HLIC/HBiC; Université McGill)
Regards sur la lecture : approche théorique et pratique intime [Abstract]

Michael Peterman (Trent University)
Fragments of a Lost Literary Life: James McCarroll and the Toronto (Daily) Leader, 1853-1866 [Abstract]

Joan Schwartz (National Archives of Canada)
Photographs in Books in Nineteenth-Century Canada [Abstract]

Brian S. Shipley (Dalhousie University)
“I wish these annual reports were at the devil”: Sir William Logan and the Early Publications of the Geological Survey of Canada (1842-1869) [Abstract] [Paper]

Nancy F. Vogan (Mount Allison University)
Musical Textbooks in Canada prior to 1918 [Abstract]

Jay White (Independent scholar)
“Gems of the printer’s art”: Nova Scotia Tourist Literature, 1885-1930 [Abstract]