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Open Conference for Volume III
Speakers & Papers

Paul Aubin
« L’édition du manuel scolaire québécois par les communautés religieuses: phénomène pédagogique, idéologique ou économique? » [Abstract]

William Barker (Memorial)
“The Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador: History and Significance” [Abstract]

Jo Beglo (National Gallery of Canada)
“The Encouragement and Interest in Art: Publications of the National Gallery of Canada”” [Abstract]

Frédéric Brisson (Sherbrooke)
« Les librairies au Canada, 1930-1995: un portrait » [Abstract]

Peter Buitenhuis (Simon Fraser)
“‘Waiting for the Christening’: Canadian Authors and Propaganda in World War II” [Abstract]

Lynn Copeland (Simon Fraser)
“1918-2000: Academic Libraries Then and (Mostly) Now” [Abstract]

Juris Dilevko & Lisa Gottlieb (Toronto)
“William French and the Development of Canadian Fiction, 1960-1990” [Abstract]

Martin Doré (Sherbrooke)
« La collection « Constantes » des Èditions Hurtubise HMH » [Abstract]

Nancy Earle (Simon Fraser)
“Poets and Professors: Writers-in-Residence in Canadian Universities” [Abstract]

Gail Edwards and Judith Saltman (UBC)
“Looking at Ourselves, Looking at Others: Multiculturalism in Canadian Children’s Picture Books” [Abstract] [Paper]

Sandrine Ferré-Rode (Versailles-St.-Quentin)
« Une « croisade vertueuse »? l’édition d’anthologies littéraires au Canada Atlantique, (1972-1999) » [Abstract]

Janet Friskney (Simon Fraser)
“Writing from the Margins? Conditions of Authorship for Anglophone-Canadian Writers of Popular Fiction, 1975-2000” [Abstract]

Laura Groening (Concordia)
“Indian School Days: The Healing Aesthetic of Basil H. Johnston” [Abstract]

Sandra Hannaford (Memorial)
“Awarded for Proficiency…Divinity…Industry: Spencer and Feild Colleges School Prize Books” [Abstract]

Pierre Hébert (Sherbrooke)
« Le tour de la censure en 80 ans » [Abstract]

Paul Hjartarson (Alberta)
“Of Patriots, Publishers, and Politicians: Notes Toward a History of The Canadian Encyclopedia” [Abstract]

Susan Houston (York)
“‘A little steam, a little sizzle and a little sleaze’: English-language tabloids in the interwar period” [Abstract]

Peggy Kelly (Alberta)
“Is Poetry Contest an Oxymoronic Term?: An Inquiry into the Alberta Poetry Year Book Series” [Abstract] [Paper]

Patsy Kotsopoulos (Simon Fraser)
“L.M. Montgomery on Television: The Romance and the Industry of Adaptation” [Abstract]

Sheila Latham (Toronto)
“Air Waves to Printed Leaves: The Role of CBC Radio in the Construction of Canadian Literary Print Culture” [Abstract]

Tina Loo & Carolyn Strange (Simon Fraser and Toronto)
“From Hewers of Wood to Producers of Pulp: True Crime in Canadian Pulp Magazines in the 1940s” [Abstract]

Sophie Marcotte (Montréal)
« L’émergence des technologies numériques dans le milieu de l’édition et de l’imprimé au Canada à la fin du XXe siècle » [Abstract]

Rebecca Margolis (Columbia)
“Yiddish Literature in Montreal, 1920-1950” [Abstract]

David McKnight (McGill)
“‘A Proper Historical Record’: Identifying, Documenting and Preserving the Small Press Achievement in Canada - 1920 to the present” [Abstract]

Peter McNally (McGill)
“The Public Library in Canada: Success and Uncertainty, 1918-2000” [Abstract]

Elise Moore (Regina)
“Wheat, Idealism, and Books: The Role of the Wheat Pools in Prairie Rural Library Service” [Abstract]

Ruth Panofsky (Ryerson)
“Barometer of Change: The Macmillan Company of Canada (1921-1973)” [Abstract]

George Parker (Royal Military College)
“‘Late to Bed, and Late to Rise; Hustle All and Advertise’: John McClelland and the Marketing of Popular Canadian Writers, 1920-1930” [Abstract]

Guy Poirier (Simon Fraser)
« Centre d’Ètudes francophones, Québec-Pacifique » [Abstract]

Ginny Ratsoy (Cariboo)
“An Eccentric Genre: Drama Publishing at Playwrights Canada Press and Talonbooks” [Abstract]

Bruce Ryder (York)
“Pages of Anxiety: Obscenity Law and the Suppression of Popular Literature in Mid-Twentieth Century Canada” [Abstract]

Denis Saint-Jacques (Laval)
« Le magazine canadien-français au XXe siècle » [Abstract]

Blanca Schorcht (Simon Fraser)
“Interfusional Literature: The Storied World of Harry Robinson” [Abstract]

DeNel Sedo (Mount Saint Vincent)
“Contemporary Women’s Bookclubs as Badges of Wisdom, Spaces for Being” [Abstract]

Randall Speller
“Arthur Steven and the Ryerson Press: Designing the Post-War Years” [Abstract]

Cheryl Suzack (Alberta)
“‘Publish or Perish?’: The Appropriation of Native Voice Debate, Aboriginal Literature, and the Politics of Publishing in Canada” [Abstract]

Simone Vannucci (Sherbrooke)
“La lecture et la Société de Jésus: les rubriques « Livres » dans la presse jésuite au cours des années 1930 à 1960 » [Abstract]

Josée Vincent (Sherbrooke)
« Grandeurs et misères de la Société des écrivains canadiens » [Abstract]

Nancy Vogan (Mount Allison)
“‘About Canadian Music…’ The Encyclopedia of Music in Canada Project” [Abstract]

Dorothy Williams (McGill)
The Free Lance 1934-1941: Montreal’s First Race Newspaper” [Abstract]