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Prairie Print Culture Colloquium/
Colloque sur la culture de l'imprimé des Grandes Plaines de l'Ouest

Speakers & Papers

Warren Cariou
Decolonizing the Text: Literacy and Resistance in Contemporary First Nations Literature [Abstract/Resumé]

Jean Cogswell
Libraries “For Home and Country”, or:“Help! I Have to Give a Presentation!” [Abstract/Resumé] [Paper/Communication]

Merrill Distad and/et Ernie Ingles (University of Alberta)
Peel-ing Back the Veil of Prairie Bibliography [Abstract/Resumé]

Len Findlay (University of Saskatchewan)
Rethinking the Prairie Page in Print Culture [Abstract/Resumé] [Paper/Communication]

Len Findlay
The View from the University of Saskatchewan Humanities Research Unit/Le point de vue de l'University of Saskatchewan Humanities Research Unit

Patricia Fleming (HBiC/HliC)
Collaboration Nationally/Une collaboration nationale

Paul Hjartarson
The Role of the Book in the Assimilation of Immigrants to Western Canada 1896-1918: Defining the Terms of Reference [Abstract/Resumé]

Yvan Lamonde(HliC/HBiC)
Francophone Research in the West//La culture de l'imprimé francophone dans l'Ouest

Bertrum MacDonald(HBiC/HliC)
Electronic Resources for the Project/Les ressources électroniques du projet

Diana Patterson (Mount Royal College)
Technical Books on the Prairies to 1950 [Abstract/Resumé] [Paper/Communication]

Barbara Powell
Saskatchewan Community Histories/Auteurs des Prairies [Abstract/Resumé]

Winona Wheeler
First Nations Appropriation of Print [Abstract not available/Resumé non disponible]